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*Services may vary per location

Novelty Chairs

We provide hair care for children ages 0-14 while sitting in our novelty chairs.

Tween Lounge

Pampered experience in our Glamour Lounge with vibrant décor and lively music.  Services include options such as Mini Mani, Glam haircuts, before/after photos, make-up lessons, and more!

Gaming Stations

Fun!  Cutting stations include Xbox One with a variety of games sure to entertain!

Boy’s Haircut

Boys Haircuts includes a wash, cut, blow-dry, fun chairs or Xbox One/PS4, Sharkey dollar, Sharkey bookmark, balloon, lollipop.

Girl’s Haircut

Girls Haircuts includes a wash, cut, blow-dry, Tween Lounge, fun chairs or Xbox One/PS4, mini-cure & choice of rings, Sharkey dollar, Sharkey bookmark, balloon, lollipop.

Child’s 1st Haircut

We make your child’s first haircut special.  A unique experience with our experienced stylist as well as a certificate and a lock of their hair as a keepsake.

Curls, Curls, Curls

We do curls at Sharkey’s!

Updo Hair Styles

Perfect hairstyles for a special event, from ballet buns and wedding-worthy chignons for medium hair to boho-chic braids and sleek ponytails for long hair.

Day of Beauty Spa Package

Hair, nails, makeup, in our Private “Tween Lounge” for one hour.

Mom & Daughter

Haircuts and Styles for mom and daughter with a wash, cut and blow-dry. Tween Lounge with mini-cure & choice of rings.

Mom’s Haircut or Blowout

Wash, cut, blow-dry, Tween Lounge.

Glamour Girl Birthday Parties

Our “famous” Glamour Girl Birthday Parties. At Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, your birthday girl and her friends will have an extra special “Glamour” Day! Parties will take place in our special “Tween Lounge”… where your birthday girl and her friends will be treated like a star.

Dad & Son

Enjoy the ultimate father and son experience. Sit back, relax and watch our expert stylists work their magic.

Membership Program

Pay one price and receive unlimited haircuts, hair treatments, mini-cures, and discounts off retail items and birthday parties.

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